Guaranteed security

The "Bear" is still modify and improved.

Constantly is going after new technological design made by car manufacturers. Blockade is adapt for every new car that arrives on market. At this moment in offer there are over 1.000 of pin blockades, mainly with frame construction, which are assembled on existing technological screws and openings, what reduce to minimum interference in original car construction. The "Bear" lock in effective way cars with string linkage as well as with tubular linkage of gear lever.

Next group of security systems are modern and esthetic bolt blockades. Locking element has been equipped with lock, and become one part with blockade, it has reduced to minimum movements necessary for car securing. Locking is carrying on by hand by turning and pushing or just turning of lock cylinder. This kind of construction makes our blockades easy to use and very ergonomically. Unlocking is made by turning the key in the blockade lock. Group of this locks is divided on four different kinds. Depending on build of gear lever mechanism we are using different security constructions. This group is made up with "W", "R", "Z" and "K" type of blockades.